The World's 1st Halal Multilingual Crowdfunding Platform



We're the world’s first and only halal multilingual crowdfunding platform. At HALALLAUNCHER, we believe that halal projects, startups, and initiatives are worthy of support, development, and distribution. That’s why only such ideas will be placed and featured by HALALLAUNCHER.


HALALLAUNCHER is a truly global crowdfunding platform that enables you to launch or fund halal projects from just about any country, in 10 languages, through several currencies and multiple methods of payment.


On HALALLAUNCHER, we feature projects in 10 different languages, to be expanded in the future. We really appreciate the diversity of languages and cultures that all creative minds come from. Useful halal initiatives that make a difference must be brought to life in spite of language barriers.


HALALLAUNCHER supports innovative, breakthrough ideas, startups, technologies, and products that make up the halal segment of the global economy. We firmly believe that without such projects, the Ummah will not flourish in the future.


In order to increase users’ trust in featured projects (and, by extension, the people behind them), HALALLAUNCHER has a set of policies and mechanisms that assure a high level of confidence between project owners and contributors.

Dream halal. Launch halal. Support halal.


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