1. What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice & process of funding a project/idea by sourcing money from a large number of people or organizations around the world, via the usage of specially tailored online platforms like https://www.halallauncher.com

2. What is halal crowdfunding?

It’s a halal way for individuals, businesses, and charities to discover, fund, and launch halal projects and ideas. Read more about halal crowdfunding here .


HALALLAUNCHER is the World’s First Halal Crowdfunding Platform that allows you to bring halal projects & ideas to life either by funding them or by launching them yourself. HALALLAUNCHER is based on a solid foundation of the concept of "halal", or what is permitted by the Almighty. We try to combine the best of an abundant Islamic heritage with the best of modern realities, including scientific achievements and the realities of our circumstances, place, time and how these elements affect the good and bad of what we do (al-maslahah wa al-mafsadah).

4. Really 1st and really halal?

Yes, we’re the first company that has made it easy for many around the world to turn halal concepts into reality via a multilingual halal crowdfunding platform. HALALLAUNCHER is a way for individuals, businesses, and charities to discover, fund, and launch their projects in 10 languages (to be expanded in the near future).

5. Why halal?

We want to help individuals, businesses, and charities raise money for projects that promote the development of halal initiatives. AT HALALLAUNCHER, we strongly believe that all our actions should be aimed ultimately at what brings maximum benefit to individual Muslims, the Ummah, and the world. This is our ultimate guiding principle. We want to revive the Golden Age of Islamic science and technology, when the entire world benefitted greatly from the inventions and scientific discoveries by Islamic civilization. At that time, terms like "Islam", "Muslim," and "halal" were synonymous with progress, development, and education.

6. Is it only for Muslims?

All those who wish to realize halal projects and initiatives are most welcome. HALALLAUNCHER is not only for Muslims, though Muslims have so far been at the forefront of creating suitable projects.

7. Is it free to launch a project?

Launching a project with HALALLAUNCHER is free. However, we do charge a nominal administrative fee in order to make this service possible. You pay nothing until raise any amount. To learn more about fees.

8. Any criteria to start?

In fact, there are only two criteria to be met in order to launch your project with us:

  • • Your project / idea / startup must be halal, which means Islamically sanctioned.
  • • Your project / idea / startup has to meet our Terms of Use & Company Values.

9. What’s the advantage of HALALLAUNCHER?

HALALLAUNCHER is the world’s 1st and only halal multilingual crowdfunding platform focused on the halal/Islamic initiatives.

We give you a choice between a FIXED or FLEXIBLE funding models.

  • With the FIXED model:
  • • You’ll receive the money you raise IF you reach your goal, and will be charged a 5% administrative fee.
  • • If you don’t reach your goal, you won’t keep the funds you raised, your contributors will be refunded and you won’t be charged any fees.
  • With the FLEXIBLE model:
  • • You’ll receive the money your raise, WHETHER you reach your goal or not.

If you don’t reach your goal, you will be charged a 5% administrative fee, and if you reach your goal also 5%. To better understand prices and fees, refer to the schedule below.

10. What are your fees and prices?

It’s absolutely free to launch a project. After rising money, there is HL fee 5% and an additional processing fee of about 3-5%, depending on your chosen payment options, funding model, location, etc. Learn more about HALALLAUNCHER fees and pricing.

11. What about safety?

At HALALLAUNCHER, we are committed to ensuring your safety and to creating an environment of trust in which you feel protected. We combine different mechanisms to ensure our clients’ trust and safety. We have implemented a combined mechanism of Guarantors, community feedback, moderation of projects, and personal user data security in order to ensure that users are safe and secure. Our Trust & Safety Team checks the information on projects and project owners to supply you with the best projects that are most beneficial for you, the Ummah and society-at-large.

12. How can I start to use HALALLAUNCHER?

We have clearly explained the steps to follow on our Guidebook.

If you’re a Project Owner, please learn more at launching a project.

If you’re a Contributor, please learn more at contributing.

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