How It Works

HALALLAUNCHER is the World’s 1st Halal Multilingual Crowdfunding
Platform that allows you to bring halal projects & ideas to life either by
funding them or by launching them yourself.

There are countless people around the world who have brilliant ideas that, if executed, can make a positive impact on our societies. The only obstacle standing between them and their goals is the funding that they need in order to get their projects off the ground.


For example, if you’re a Project/Campaign Owner on HALALLAUNCHER, your ideal project can be a breakthrough technology, a mobile app, a book, an educational web-service, a health & medicine project, a community charity, a dawah facility, a mosque & madrasa, a sports-related project, a food-related business, an environmentally minded initiative, a film & photo venture, a personal fundraising initiative, an art & design venture, games, or any other undertaking that’s halal and useful for an individual, the Ummah and society-at-large.

HALALLAUNCHER suits individuals, businesses, and charities.


If you’re a Contributor HALALLAUNCHER gives you the opportunity to get the rewards in this life and in the Hereafter by contributing to the best halal projects & initiatives that make a difference. You’ll find what you’re looking for in the weekly newsletter, our site, blog, or on social media. There’re 18 categories on HALALLAUNCHER: technology, apps & web, education, books & writing, sports, health & medicine, mosque & madrasa, environment, personal, etc. Make a difference and be a part of something big and positive. To learn more, please read our Contributing Guidebook.

1. Launch your halal project with HALALLAUNCHER.COM!


2. Tell your story to friends, your community, the Ummah, and the rest of society. Ask them to support your project!


3. Fund your project and make your halal dreams come true!

Dream halal. Launch halal. Support halal.

Learn more about contributing to a project or about launching a campaign.
Do you have a halal project, idea, or initiative that can make a positive impact on your community? Launch your project with HALALLAUNCHER.COM!
Do you want to get rewards in this life and in the Hereafter by contributing to innovative and helpful halal projects and ideas? Support halal projects and ideas on HALALLAUNCHER.COM!

Most of the projects on HALALLAUNCHER.COM fall under the status of "sadaqah jariyah,” which means continuous charity. You, the Ummah, and the society-at-large will benefit from contributing to halal projects in the dunya and Akhirah, inshaAllah!

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