Pricing & Fees

You can launch a project with HALALLAUNCHER free of charge. However, we do charge a nominal administrative fee in order to make this service possible.  
When you launch a project with us, we give you a choice between a FIXED or FLEXIBLE funding model.  

FIXED model




5% 5% If you reach your goal
0% - your contributors get refunded. Third-party fees do not apply for refunded contributions. 5% - you keep what you earned. This encourages project/campaign owners to set reasonable goals and to promote their campaigns. If you don't reach your goal
3-5% for credit card or Stripe processing (varies depending on your financial institution)

$25 wire fee: Charged once when non-UK campaigns have raised funds via Direct Credit Card. The funds are wired in one lump sum to a non-UK bank account after the campaign has ended.

Additional currency exchange fees may also apply.

Third party fees


With the FIXED model:

  • You’ll receive the money you raise IF you reach your goal, and will be charged a 5% administrative fee.
  • If you don’t reach your goal, you won’t keep the funds you raised, and your contributors will be refunded. You won’t be charged any fees.

With the FLEXIBLE model:

  • You’ll receive the money your raise whether you reach your goal OR NOT.
  • If you don’t reach your goal, you will be charged a 5% administrative fee. If you do reach your goal, the administrative fee is just 5%. To better understand prices and fees, refer to the schedule above.

When you receive funds, there is an additional payment processing fee of about 3-5%, depending on your chosen payment options, country, etc.


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