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„Holy Quran e-Book Reader“

To bring the Quran into an e-book for all the Muslims of the world.

Halle , Germany

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End date: August 05,2017

Launch date: June 06,2017

Result: Partially successful

 „Quran e-Book Reader“

To bring the Quran into an e-book and bring it the Muslims to the world.

The basic idea of ​​the concept

"Quran e-Book Reader"

Is to incorporate the Koran known in book format into a digital e-book reader and make it available to the faithful world-wide. The Quran e-Book Reader is designed in such a way that no misuse with the sacred book on the e-book reader can happen. The Holy Quran is developed in the form of an innovative, intelligent E Books with color screen and MP3 audio technology. A cable for charging the battery for the socket or for the car is included.
According to statistics, the world population of Muslims is around 1.5 billion. In Germany alone, there are more than 4.5 million. Each Quran e-book reader is equipped with the Arabic language as a basic language. We will also make available to the Arabic language our Quran e-Book Reader with the following languages:
Basics Arabic

Arabic and Urdu
Arabic and Turkish
Arabic and Persian
Arabic and Russian

Arabic and Hindi (thus India and Pakistan are covered)
Arabic and Afghan
Arabic and Bengali
Arabic and Chinese
Arabic and Indonesian
Arabic and Malaysian
Arabic and German, English and French
Arabic and various Balkan languages
Arabic and various African languages
Arabic and various languages ​​of the former Soviet Union
The planning
For the complete planning period, from the time the company is founded to the delivery of the first e-book readers, approx. 6 to 8 months are estimated.
The prototype
It is planned to have the prototype of the Quran e-book reader developed in Germany.
The hardware
The hardware is an e-book reader specifically designed for the Quran. The Quran e-Book Reader is only equipped with the Quran text. No upload or download can be performed by the user or reader.
Thus, 100% is ensured that the text of the Quran is not linked to texts that the Quran forbids.
The software
The software and the text of the Quran is produced in collaboration with Muslim scholars for the Quran e-Book Reader.
Contents (software) of the Quran eBook Reader
• The Koran in writing in different languages
• The Quran read into different languages ​​(voice output in MP3 version)
• A digital compass which always shows the faithful Mecca & Medin

The Brand name
"Holy Quran e-Book Reader"

The price
The Quran in printed book format costs in a good quality between 45, 00 and 150,00 Euro. The e-book reader incl. the mentioned software will be under 100, 00 Euro. The price will depend on the production volume and can be more favorable depending on the run height.
An average e-book reader is about 150.00 Euro without the book.
The price calculation Quran e-book reader
Manufacture price: 49.50 Euros
Cargo costs: 1.50 Euros
Ordering and storage costs: 3,00 Euros
Distribution costs: 5,00 Euros
Commissions:             2.50 Euros
Donation: 6.50 Euros
Profit share: 27.50 Euros
Total: 95,50 Euros
Depending on the run-up height, the production price will change.
Graduation pad height
Quantity (pieces)/Price (Euro)
1 to 99 : 49.50
100 to 999: 48.50
1,000 to 4,999: 45.00
5,000 to 9,999: 44.00
10,000 to 50,000: 43.00
Prices from manufacturer / production site. The CIF Price (Cost Insurance and Fright Prices) is agreed with the manufacturer separately.
Necessary development costs
"Approx. 400.000,00 Euro "
The production costs
The production costs per piece are about 49.50 Euros with low circulation. Naturally, we are striving to order high numbers of units in order to lower the unit price.
Muslim foundations for research and development
For example, the Aga Khan Foundation, or the Robert Bosch Foundation.
Distribution / distribution
The distribution, respectively the distribution is through mosque, Muslim clubs and communities worldwide.
The central sales office is located in an Arab country on the Persian Gulf with a customs-free trading port.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful!

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