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Let's build the 1st Mosque in Shizuoka, Japan

Our dream is to build the 1st mosque in Shizuoka, Japan. Let's make it happen together, inshaAlla

Shizuoka , Japan

Mosque & Madrasa
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End date: July 24,2017

Launch date: May 25,2017

Result: Partially successful


 Kyoichiro Sugimoto

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Yassine Essaadi

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On behalf of the Muslims of the Land of the Rising Sun, the city of Shizuoka, Malikova Khavva addresses you. Our city is far from the center of Islam, but it is in the hearts of each of us who has faith and are inspired by the rise of exaltation of the Name of Allah and the religion of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Aleihi Wassalam) on these lands.

In 2010, a Muslim organization was founded in the city of Shizuoka. It was and is still led by Mr. Essaadi Yassine, originally from Morocco, and his wife Mrs. Miwa, a Japanese woman who converted to Islam 18 years ago. She helps to manage the organization. During the meeting with the community, I heard about the grandiose project - the construction of the first mosque in the city of Shizuoka. When Mrs. Miwa asked me to translate into Russian/English the information about the mosque, my joy had no limit. Regarding this event, let me address to all respected Brothers and Sisters living in different parts of the world, to ask for help. Our project is supported by the sheikhs Mr. Sugimoto Kyoichiro and Mr. Sato Saeed, who are the guiding stars and role models to follow for all Muslims who live here. We're going to build the 1st mosque in Shizuoka, Japan, and we need your help to bring such a big project to life. By helping us to build this mosque you are helping yourself to get a palace in Jannah, as promised by The Generous One. Let's build together the 1st mosque in Shizuoka, Japan. Watch this video to know more about us and our activities.


 The Japanese people are very unique. They are very close in spirit to Islam and Muslims, as their character and qualities are - honesty, law-abiding, decency and benevolence. They are truly masters of completing any deed to a level of perfection. When you meet with them, your first impression is: "many of your actions and deeds are highly admirable". InshaAllah, I believe and ask Allah Subhana wa Ta'ala (Whose Power and Authority are unlimited), to help spread our religion Islam in Japan, just as it once happened in the former Buddhist country of the Maldives. Thanks to the Moroccan – Maghreb traveler and preacher Abu al Barakat al-Barbari, the Maldives have become a Muslim country.

By the will of Allah, to bring this idea to reality, a miracle – Mu`jiza could occur as the leaders and all the members of Shizuoka Muslim organization are working hard together to spread the mercy, kindness and generosity of Islam. Through these actions they are providing good examples for all people who live in Japan.

The symbol of the city of Shizuoka is Mount Fuji, the top of which numerous tourists from all over the world seek to conquer. Our sincere desire is to conquer, together with all of you, the highest peak of Jannatul Ferdous, InshaAllah. The Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu aleihi Wassalam, said: "Whoever builds the mosque, Allah will build them a house in a Paradise." Dear Brothers and Sisters, we ask you to help with anything you can: donation or sharing your skills, distribution of this Information through Mosques and communities, through social networks, your friends and relatives. Let's build together the very first Mosque in Shizuoka city, Japan! Through your actions and generosity, step by step you will become part of this project. If you cannot support us financially, help us by spreading the word about this project. Share via social media and messengers among your friends and acquaintances and you'll get the rewards for it from The Merciful, inshaAllah! 

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