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Mosque in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The goal is to increase and improve the prayer place as well as guarantee Islamic culture classes

Santa Cruz De Tenerife , Spain

Mosque & Madrasa
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End date: August 20,2017

Launch date: June 21,2017

Result: Partially successful

There is currently one mosque in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, located in the Calvo Sotelo street, n°60 with a 90 square meters in the first floor of a rented local, for men’s prayers and a basement, in the same building for women’s prayers. This place has become too small for a community reaching up to 200 persons on Friday prayers.


The Tenerife Muslim community now counts with 9,800 Muslims inhabitants on the islands, half of them, about 4,400, are living in the capital. In the whole archipelago, the community reaches around 40,000 inhabitants. Phenomenon such as immigration and conversions of Tenerife inhabitants to Islam have multiplied the number of the faithful since the mosque first opened 20 years ago.


Tenerife Muslims need to find a solution to this lack of space problem from which are suffering not only the Santa Cruz Muslims but also the faithful coming daily from other parts of Tenerife such as: La Laguna, El Rosario, Güimar or Bajamar. We strongly notice the lack of space in moments in which the community celebrate its most important dates such as Eid-el-Fitr and Eid-el-Adha. During these celebrations, around 300 people reach the unique Santa Cruz mosque. Despite the 2001 enlargement work, there is still a lack of space.


In the basement, the women’s prayer place, is shared with the gas kitchen where the Iftar is prepared during the Ramadan month and with a small corner where Arab language and Islamic culture classes are taking place. All these activities are taking place in a completely closed, humid place with no ventilation and no outside light in the basement of an old building with serious sanitation problems. It used to be an old stock of plumbing materials. What’s more, the women have to descend narrow metallic stairs preventing the access to people with reduced mobility. There is no air conditioning system, no adequate place for wudu, as there are only a few bathrooms and they are quite small. There is no air conditioner and it is not a suitable place to pray or for other activities.


For all these reasons, the Tenerife Muslim community has requested the purchase of a place of some 300 square meters in the Primo de Rivera Street, No. 13. The habilitation of a new space will solve the major problems for the realization of the prayer in the unique place that exists for the Islamic cult in the capital of the island.


Likewise, the new building will provide more space to accommodate the Arab language and Islamic classes that the community offers to young Muslims and children as well as the activities organized and carried out by women. The expansion will also allow the community to realize one of its main objective: to get acquainted with the neighbors of the capital of Tenerife.


The acquisition of a larger local will also allow the community to organize activities inside the mosque which will encourage the integration and the communication between the diverse integrating communities of Santa Cruz. It is only in this way that the "fear of the unknown" that still exists in certain sectors of society will be eliminated. This way, the community will be able to later later courses and discussions about Islam that will be open to the rest of the population of the capital of Tenerife.


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